Pumpkins & Petals is a passion project by a dedicated team of five hobby gardeners.  We each have different skills and combine them here to bring you expert advice on a wide range of gardening topics.

Meet The Gardeners!

We are the gardening team behind Pumpkins & Petals

Lucy Easton

Lucy is our terrarium expert and when she isn’t busy building amazing new habitats for her tiny frogs and reptiles, she can be found in her conservatory coaxing her collection of cacti and succulents into bloom, or thinking up new ways to get plants to thrive in containers of all different shapes and sizes.

Sarah Holloway

Sarah gardens at home and on her allotment and shares her amazing knowledge of growing vegetables outdoors and under glass. She’s also taken up worm farming and will be teaching us how to turn our kitchen waste into awesome, nutrient rich soil with the help of some wriggly friends!

Pippa Mattinson

Pippa is our homesteader, alongside caring for her sheep and chickens, she enjoys growing food for the table. She’s fascinated by soil science and composting and one of her favorite activities is turning her compost pile each week!

Toby Mattinson

Toby enjoys growing crops out of season under artificial daylight, harvesting tomatoes in January when there is frost on the ground outside, and nurturing his banana plants through the winters. He is also our media guy, and builds our fun construction projects such as the vertical pumpkin support.

Duncan Mattinson

Duncan is our tree expert and bug control consultant. He has a National Diploma in Arboriculture and after leaving agricultural college spent several years working as a woodland manager and tree surgeon.  He “branched out” into pest control and has run his own pest control business for the last forty years.